Catamount Job Link: Did you know?

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The Catamount Job Link (CJL) is an on-line job and career management system. Staff from the UVM Career Center manage it and are the people “behind the scenes.”

Did you know?

  1. Through CJL, you can search (and often apply to) jobs and internships from employers who have said they want to advertise to UVM students/alumni. You can find full-time jobs (for life after graduation), part time jobs (for life during school) and internships (for life during school or summertime).

  1. Some employers will come to campus to interview candidates in the Career Center. This is called On-Campus Recruiting and the application process is managed through CJL. Staff in the Career Center usually have insight or more information about the company/position so if you are applying to one of these positions, you can ask us questions.
  1. You can get a resume or cover letter reviewed by a UVM Career Counselor through CJL. After you upload your document into CJL, it goes into a pending queue and UVM Career Counselors will review it within 2 business days. If your resume/cover letter meets basic standards, it will be “approved” which means you can use it to apply to jobs/internships within CJL. If your document is missing critical components, it will be “declined” and you’ll get personalized suggestions for improvement. You can re-submit your document for another review until it gets approved.Once you have an approved resume and cover letter in CJL, you can upload additional versions of these documents. The additional document will be automatically approved, as long as you already have an approved document in CJL. If you delete/remove all of your approved documents, you’ll have to go through the review process again.If you want more resume/cover letter reviews/suggestions, we recommend you bring it to the Career + Experience Hub during Drop-in hours. You can meet with someone face-to-face and get immediate support.
  1. If you run into problems using CJL, you should let the Career Center know about it. There are lots of little quirks that can sometimes cause problems for individual users and we have the ability to troubleshoot (and often fix) the issues, so just ask!

The more time you spend using CJL, the easier it will be to find the things you’re looking for.

Happy exploring!

~ Jill

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