Learn about the Interview Process

Juliana Morris at Bottomline Technologies

For some, conquering an interview is simple. For others, controlling our nerves enough to respond to questions is a feat in itself. Regardless, along the way, everyone will learn something from the experience. Some might land a job after their first interview. For some, it might take fifteen interviews to find success.

When I began interviewing my senior year, I did not have much experience. On paper I looked good, so landing the interview wasn’t a problem. However, getting an offer was. I always answered the interviewer’s questions with what I thought they wanted to hear. After a few interviews with no job offer I decided to try a new tactic: I answered honestly and passionately even if it wasn’t the cookie cutter response I had planned. It worked.

It sounds overly simplified, but confidence and being yourself is the answer.

It also helps to know and trust yourself. Initially there was a company I was positive I wanted to work for. When I interviewed with them, I had the last slot of the day. My interviewers joked around and did not take my answers seriously. Luckily, I adapted to the situation and came out strong. While waiting to hear back, I interviewed with a smaller company that was unknown to me. I had a wonderful experience. I spoke with seven people from the company and in the end it just felt right. I received an offer from both companies and I chose the one where I knew I belonged.

Be open to opportunities that arise and use them to discover what YOU want.
Go with what feels right.

Juliana Morris is a 2014 UVM grad, who is an Associate Data Architect at Bottomline Technologies in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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