Q. RegOnline is going away.  What does my College/School/Unit/Office need to do?
A. Please refer to What the University Needs to Do, and by When section

Q. Will there be a student registration fee associated with Elevate?
A. No. 

Q. Why is Elevate a sanctioned system of record?
A. UVM is implementing Elevate, a non-credit SIS to complement Banner. Elevate is expected to play three key roles:

  1. Allow UVM to establish and track financial controls
  2. Properly track all students and activities of both credit and non-credit populations
  3. Provide consistency of processes across the University.

Q. Is there a cost to Colleges/Schools/Units/Offices to use the Elevate system?
A: There is no cost to use the software nor is there a course set-up fee, however, units are required to pay for credit card processing fees associated with student registration in their particular course offerings. More information is forthcoming regarding charging units for these fees.

Q. How do I get my non-credit offering into Elevate?
A. For the “active” offerings in RegOnline, being offered through December 31, 2019 and for the open-ended offerings, you will be asked to complete a course submission template.  The data contained in the template will be sent via email to the UVM Non-Credit Central Enrollment Services Office for input into Elevate. They can be contacted at noncredit@uvm.edu  Additionally, the same process will apply for 2020 offerings and beyond after approval has been received from the College/School/Unit/Office.

Q. What happens if a student needs to pay by third party, check, etc.?
A. Student registration and payment in full, by credit card, will be required at go-live on September 16th.  Any other form of payment, or partial payment, will be considered an “assisted” enrollment.  The student will be required to contact the Non-Credit office for assistance in order to register in the system. 

Q. Do I have to run any reports from RegOnline to keep for historical purposes?
A. The Controller and Registrar, as data stewards for financial and student data respectively, will download and retain, from RegOnline, the data necessary to meet UVM’s reporting, transcripting and audit responsibilities.  If you have a need or desire to retain any historical data from RegOnline for your own purposes, you are responsible for using the reporting function in RegOnline to download it by September 15, 2019.

Q. What does a centralized non-credit operation look like?
A. Elevate is expected to be rolled out as a centralized system to manage all interactions with the non-credit population.   Additionally, Elevate will strengthen our financial controls around transactions related to non-credit offerings.  To optimize the use of a centralized software system as robust as Elevate, it is in the University’s best interest to also centralize registration processes and unify policies for all non-credit instruction at UVM. 

Review and reengineering of some institutional processes and policies will be a key step in the success of Elevate implementation.  We expect to engage units in the analysis of such to determine how best to adapt to this new system.  This will occur in phase 2 of the project, which is slated for September 16 through December 31, 2019.  We expect to be identifying processes that will need to be reviewed during this time throughout the implementation process in phase 1.

More information is forthcoming.  Please continue to check the project website for additional information as decisions are made.

Q.What are the Colleges/Departments/Units/Offices are responsible for?

  • Thoroughly completing the Elevate Build Template;
  • Management of the offering including, but not limited to, logistics, parking passes, meals, scheduling locations, approval of faculty and their qualifications, faculty hire, faculty payments, and faculty contracts;
  • Approving all student account adjustments, based on existing payment and refund policies, once a participant is registered. (Tracey to send form and process at Go Live).
  • Posting program details to webpages; Posting terms and conditions, including payment and refund policies, to webpages.
  • Posting terms and conditions, including payment and refund policies, to webpages.

Q.What is the Non-Credit Enrollment Services Office is responsible for?

  • Building and maintaining non-credit course data in Elevate;
  • Assisting students with registration;
  • Maintaining student records including processing payments and registration adjustments;
  • Providing extracts of data needed for operations to Colleges/Departments/Units/Offices. There is no scheduled report training, as originally indicated on the project site.
    • Reporting: The central team is currently working on creating reports that will automatically deploy to the Non Credit SharePoint site. Units can then go to this SharePoint site to acquire reports. More information is forthcoming.

Q.What other information do I need to know?

  • Questions: Registrants are being directed to the unit if there are questions on academic content. If they have questions about registration or payment information, they are being directed to contact noncredit@uvm.edu or (802) 656-8407.
  • Registration Payments: Payment in full, via credit card, is expected at time of registration. Otherwise, students need to call the Non Credit Central Office for “assisted” enrollment.
  • Payments Received: All payments (cash, check, etc) received will be sent to the Non Credit Central Office at 460 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT 05401, ATTN: Accounts Receivable. Payments will be logged to registrant accounts in Elevate.
  • Build Templates: There are upcoming 2020 events to be created in Elevate. Please continue to send build templates to Tracey Gauthier.

Q.  Who are the members of the steering committee?

Steering Committee:

  • Simeon Ananou, Chief Information Officer (Co-chair)
  • Claire Burlingham, Controller (Co-chair)
  • Rachel Seremeth, Director of Enterprise Application Services & Database Administration (Project Sponsor)
  • Tracey Gauthier, Associate Manager for Enrollment and Non-Credit Registration Services, Continuing and Distance Education (Project Manager)

Other members:

  • Julia Russell, Associate Chief Information Officer
  • Veronica Carter, Registrar
  • Beth Taylor-Nolan, Associate Dean, Continuing and Distance Education
  • Lindsey Donovan, Assistant Controller
  • Mike Austin, Director Systems Architecture and Administration
  • Kara Williams, Student Systems Technical Analyst
  • JoAnne Dearborn, Business Manager, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Terry Caron, Director of Continuing Medical Education

Q. If I have additional questions about this project, who do I contact?
A. Please contact Tracey Gauthier.  She is the project manager for the Non-Credit Student Information System, and can be reached at Tracey.Gauthier@uvm.edu.