Welcome to the new Non-Credit Student Information System project website.  We are extremely excited to be providing you with information on this new and transformative project to help UVM service the non-credit student population. 

After substantial years of effort to create a comprehensive information system to serve all of our students equally, the University is implementing Ellucian’s Elevate, a Non-Credit Student Information System, to complement Banner.

Since former President Sullivan shared his vision with the UVM community of a centralized Non-Credit Student Information System, Simeon Ananou, Chief Information Officer, and Claire Burlingham, Controller, were appointed to lead the implementation of Elevate to coincide with UVM’s transition away from RegOnline in September 2019.

Elevate is expected to be rolled out as a centralized system to manage all interactions with the non-credit population, especially in cases where there is a demonstrable student learning outcome.  Additionally, Elevate will strengthen our financial controls around transactions related to non-credit offerings.  To optimize the use of a centralized software system as robust as Elevate, it is in the University’s best interest to also centralize registration processes and unify policies for all non-credit instruction at UVM. 

Review and the reengineering of some institutional processes and policies will be a key step in the success of Elevate implementation.  We expect to engage units in the analysis of such to determine how best to adapt to this new system.

Please check back for regular updates to this site.