Russian media bloopers

14 04 2014

Economist Paul Gregory has been keeping track of some very funny Russian media bloopers — funny except for the fact that they are intended to be true and serious.

Here he recounts three stories told by three Russian media outlets — Rossiya 1, NTV, and the National Independent News of Crimea — each about a very different character: an “ordinary citizen” protesting the Ukrainian “neo-Nazi government,” a German EU spy who hired a group of 50 European mercenaries (!), and a pediatric surgeon tending the victims of neo-Nazi gunmen.

The catch is that each is clearly the same guy lying (in both senses of the word) in the same hospital bed. These “news stories” are played by the same actor. The videos are below.

Other Russian media fabrications, including slip-ups countering the claim that Russian special forces are not involved in eastern Ukraine, are deconstructed in this post and in others on his blog.




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21 04 2014
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very interesting. i’ve followed the topic quite closely, and inasmuch as i understand that the Russian media quite ‘exaggerates’ some stories, i think the western media isn’t also being very neutral in reference to reporting this conflict. its like a media war, from my point of view.

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Russian media bloopers

1 05 2018
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14 07 2018


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