Bezruk on Right Sector

30 03 2014

Tetiana Bezruk, a researcher of far right movements at the University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, offers a brief analysis of the Right Sector movement here (in Russian and in English).

In her view the movement grew not because of its ideology but because of its actions in the self-defense of the Maidan. The appeal of that message remains limited, and their most recent actions — notably March 28’s  attempted “storming” of the Parliament — have marginalized them further.

A few excerpts:

“But what should not be forgotten is the activity of the Right Sector at Maidan during the “mopping up” of Maidan and the conflict at Grushevskogo Street, when the activists of the movement formed a human shield ready to face the bullets of Berkut. That is what was attractive about the Right Sector for those who decided to join it. When the protesters didn’t find any real actions in the ex-opposition leaders, they found those actions in the Right Sector, and the ideological questions were of no primary importance. [. . .]

“The carte blanche given to the RS is now lost as after the night of March 28 they turned into “provocateurs” and “Kremlin spies”, and mass media continues offering new theories about “where the RS comes from”. Having no official leverages, apart from the street, it will be very difficult for the organization to take back what it has lost. And the question about who is going to join the movement after the actions which are not perceived now with the same excitement as they were in the beginning of the protests, is open as well.

The whole article can be read here.





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