What’s a Career Outcome? – A Reminder about a reminder

Hey Gang, Are you feeling a bit like this when people ask about your career?

We get that.

It’s not super fun to talk career stuff, because you are all on different paths to professional glory, and your current position could be completely different in a few months. But we’ve been asked to give you guys a reminder about the Class of 2017 Career Outcome Survey.

We realize that you’ve probably gotten a million emails about this. Your parents might have even gotten an email about it.

We’re doing a solid for our friends over in the Career Center by sending one more reminder. This will be the only time we remind you guys about it.

They want to give all of you the chance to provide feedback- positive or negative. Did UVM help prepare you for the world?

As an added bonus, if you guys fill out the survey today you’re automatically entered to win a $20 amazon.com gift card! 1 in 10 will be winners, so fill it out today!

Click through to take the survey, and then you’ll never hear about it again (from us)!