We’re Calling You Next Week!

I do a lot of emailing around here, but I thought it would be nice to actually talk to you the old-fashioned way.


And since I can’t call everyone myself, I’ve asked the Chatty Cats — a group of students who do phonathon calling here at the UVM Foundation — to give you a ring next week. They’re all UVM undergrads, so treat them well (and give them some advice too).

Don’t worry, this is not some secret ploy to ask you for money.  Yes, the Chatty Cats typically fundraise for UVM, but not this time — they are just calling to check-in, ask a few questions, and get your feedback.

We will try to call your cell phone number — if we have it — and our number will show up as 802-656-9999.

To make sure we reach you, you can update your phone number using this form.

Here’s why the call is important: It helps us understand how you are doing so far in your first year out, AND you will have the opportunity to tell us how you would like to stay involved with UVM. It’s your opportunity to give feedback – positive or negative – and make your voice heard.

I look forward to hearing from you next week!

– Ryan