Thinking like…

In the general discussion that ensued in at least one faculty gathering, I was encouraged to “think like graduate faculty!” This struck me as a rather strange piece of encouragement. In retrospect, I’d say my sense of the strange was more due to my naivete than anything else. I guess I’d thought we were all […]

Change Change Change…

What I am hoping to do is to keep an objective (?) running commentary here on the change process now occurring in the teacher education programs at UVM. My reason for doing this is to make my thoughts available to anyone who cares to access them. My purpose is a bit broader. Change is inevitable […]

Lest I Forget

Earlier in the week, the wind chill was -4F. walking into work. That is waaaaaay too cold for early in December. A pictoral memory of the way the Green was once not too long ago may carry me through the next few months. Always (well, usually) the perpetual optimist, at least I’m awake when I […]

FAQs… The El.Ed. Program

My students have different questions about their education in the eled. program as they mature into the program. My first year students are more curious about things like, “How do I know what to take next semester?” or “Where’s the gym?” or “Why am I living in Jean Mance???” My second year students really start […]

Opening Comments DOE Budget Meeting

Tried to set a context where emotion could be honestly spoken without conflagration or a detonation of intensely hostile feelings. Introductory Remarks December 16, 2005 Department of Education Meeting I was asked to moderate this meeting this morning and I respectfully accepted. I’d like us to think about the following ground rules for a discussion […]