new Washington Post Monkey Cage piece, and podcast on my book

I have a piece in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage today, which features political science research applied to current events. In it, I discuss the difficulties the United States will face pressuring Pakistan on counterterrorism, due to the historical context of Pakistan’s counterterrorism policies. The piece draws on my book, Islamic Politics, Muslim States and Counterterrorism Tensions.

I also spoke recently with the Research on Religion podcast. This series features new research on religion. In this episode I discussed my book and my broader work.

Q&A on my book, work

I recently did a Q&A with the National Consortium for Terrorism and the Study of Terrorism (START), a terrorism research center at the University of Maryland. I worked with START on a study of domestic extremism after I completed my doctoral studies.

In the Q&A, I discuss my recently published book–Islamic Politics, Muslim States and Counterterrorism Tensions–my broader work, and why UVM is such a great place to be a Professor. You can read moreĀ here.