This section provides information on the multiple considerations in setting prices for your products. You’ll find tools and links to publications and webinar recordings that explain how to calculate your own production costs and use that information in your pricing decisions. You’ll also find links to wholesale market reports and other organizations with marketing expertise.

Fact Sheets

The Art & Science of Farmers’ Market Display (PDF): This fact sheet explains how to create displays that show off your products, draw in customers and help to increase sales.

Guide to Selling at Farmers’ Markets (PDF): Published by Growing for Market, this comprehensive guide covers all aspects of direct market sales at farmers’ markets, including tips on both design and desplay, merchandising and product sampling.


Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses”  MISA, 2012. Planning Task # 4 includes an 83 page guide that includes  comprehensive fill-in worksheets to develop a marketing plan. Available in English and Spanish.


Rooted in Vermont is an initiative to increase consumer demand for local food.

Vermont Agritourism Collaborative website hosts a print and video resources to help farmers develop and grow successful agritourism businesses. You’ll find information that will help you prepare for agritourism activities on your farm, assess those already taking place, and connect with resources that can support agritourism.

The Vermont Tourism Research Center’s Resource Hub hosts a suite of tools, resources and research findings on agritourism for farmers and agricultural service providers.