USA Volunteer Water Monitoring Network

August 1, 2013
by kstepenu


Comment 1: I received an e-mail from Ken Cooke offering an explanation of how to figure out what resolution your digital images are. Question 1: Are there any other groups that do have their volunteers photo-document their sites, and if … Continue reading

March 4, 2013
by kstepenu

Stormwater Monitoring

Question 1: I’d like to hear from other volunteer groups that have tried any kind of first flush or storm event sampling.
Question 2: I have been researching manual first flush and composite storm water sampling for volunteers but have been unable to find documents that pertain to an operating procedure to conduct the sampling.
Question 3: Does anyone have suggestions/experiences for storm event monitoring – specifically recruitment and commitment from volunteers on short notice. What has worked well? The challenges?
Question 4: How effective are stormwater infiltration structures in increasing soil moisture? Continue reading

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