NWQMC Webinars

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council Volunteer Monitoring Workgroup launched a webinar series in 2022-2023 to highlight state and regional community monitoring programs. Click below to view the YouTube recordings.

Click to Register: Defending the Legitimacy of New Jersey Community Water Monitoring Data

December 2023 | Erin Stretz (The Watershed Institute), Kristi MacDonald (Raritan Headwaters Association), Daniel Greenhouse and Chris Miller (Eastern Environmental Law Center)

Applying Best Practices and Lessons Learned to Broaden Participation in Volunteer Monitoring Efforts

October 2023 | Liz McQuain (Louisiana Sea Grant), Kris Stepenuck (University of Vermont, Lake Champlain Sea Grant)

Volunteer Monitoring Tools that Rule

June 2023 | Jenna Walker (Texas State University), Ibrahim Goodwin (EPA)

Spotlight on Missouri Stream Team and MiCorps

February 2023 | Randy Sarver (Missouri Department of Natural Resources), Erick Elgin (Michigan State University Extension)

Spotlight on the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative

November 2022 | Liz Chudoba (Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay), Peter Tango (USGS), Sam Briggs (Izaak Walton League of America), Julie Vastine (Dickinson College’s Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring)

Spotlight on Long Island Sound and Oklahoma

September 2022 | Cheryl Cheadle (Oklahoma Conservation Commission), Nikki Spiller (Harbor Watch)

Spotlight on the Connecticut and Utah

July 2022 | Hope Braithwaite (Utah State University Extension), Meghan Lally (Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)

Spotlight on Wisconsin

April 2022 | Tim Asplund (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources), Katy Bradford (University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension), Paul Skawinski (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Extension)

Our fellow National Water Quality Monitoring Council workgroup focusing on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion launched a webinar series in 2022. View their full webinar series, being updated every few months!

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council has been producing webinars since 2013. View the full YouTube library of 56 videos covering a wide variety of topics from study design and the Water Quality Portal to dealing with nondetects and extreme weather events.