Epilogue: Part 1, Remembrance and Spite

This will hopefully be a brief post. I actually went over to my site on Tuesday, April 30th. I did this in part to spite Walter Poleman as it was not May quite yet. I was left aggravated because I believed that the last post I did was the last one required and that we would have this week to prepare our finalized blogs, which was the case last semester. I was severely mistaken and to be honest I still feel a little betrayed.

I did go to my site however. And not because Poleman told me to! I did it because the day was gorgeous, I adore walks and I had good company in my friend Jack Rider who took the following picture:

A Sunny Day in APRIL.

As I remember the moments I’ve had here I don’t regret making this my place and I think I’d make the same choice again if I could. I’ll hold myself back from talking about those moments so I have something to give the next post something with value. Stay tuned. I’m heading out there now

one last time.

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