This Better Be the Last One

As you might have concluded based off the post I made before Spring break, I believed that I had already completed our last post until last week in NR. But I really don’t mind having another. I just wish we had some more forewarning and that it was due at the end of the weekend, instead of midday Saturday but así es. I’m actually thinking of going one more time before this whole thing gets graded, we’ll see.

I had a grand time this last Tuesday when I went to my phenology spot. I actually got to bring a friend who took some pics for me. All the following pictures, with one exception, were taken by Jack Rider, UVM class of 2022. There was some changes but not as much as I expected but let’s get into it.

I decided to take the back entrance via the Staple’s parking lot because I believed that construction would be going on, not to mention that the original entrance was kinda destroyed, and lo and behold I was right. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture of the construction, they’re getting some progress in. But I did take this picture at the back entrance. It shows the view from the trail by the back entrance, looking out into the field. Me and my friend walked out because I wanted to see if I could get a look at the birds fluttering in the distance.

Undoubtedly we can all see the grass signaling the coming regrowth but I was hoping for some real flowers. I think, however, that it will be a while before the full splendor of this beautiful field is seen again. Though I did enjoy crunching through the grass and trying to spy at the critters running hither-thither underfoot. I also enjoyed the songs of the birds, though I couldn’t see them. I’m glad I waited ’til today to do this because just moments ago I was talking to a birder and she described the song of the northern cardinal, which I think was one of the birds I heard.

After that I went through the usual walk around. The only real signs of life returning was the grass regrowing and the flowering lone red maple.

It really was a pretty sight. I knew that red maples flower early so it didn’t surprise me when I saw this but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. If anything it just added to the suspense before I actually got to see it. The flowers are nice and pink and it was set against a beautiful sunny day which added to its splendor. I observed as I walked around, through campus, later in the week that some of the oaks were in bloom but others like the horse chestnut had yet to join the fun.

I sketched out one of the twigs and the flowers but I have no hand for art so here she is, you can compare the real thing to my monstrosity:

I hope to see the fabled May flowers soon but for now I’m satisfied.

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