Epilogue: Part 2, What Can’t Be Forgotten

I try and think back, on this rainy day, what did my field look like when I first found it? And what I did I feel when I first saw her? I must admit that although I’ve changed little I’m still different from back then and I don’t think I can look at it the […]

Epilogue: Part 1, Remembrance and Spite

This will hopefully be a brief post. I actually went over to my site on Tuesday, April 30th. I did this in part to spite Walter Poleman as it was not May quite yet. I was left aggravated because I believed that the last post I did was the last one required and that we […]

This Better Be the Last One

As you might have concluded based off the post I made before Spring break, I believed that I had already completed our last post until last week in NR. But I really don’t mind having another. I just wish we had some more forewarning and that it was due at the end of the weekend, […]

I Got Dem Pics

It was a day or two after the last prompt was due that I got the pictures from Colombia but I didn’t feel like putting them up so it was put off until now. But hey, now you can see them. Hope you liked my photos, it was definitely a fun adventure.

The Epilogue, A Comparison

I had somebody else who I was with take all my pics so I’m working on that. They are great pics though so I’d love it if you saw them, even if it doesn’t add to my grade. I took about five days out of Spring Break and went to Colombia, el país. It was […]

Forever and an Age

I really dislike this new format for the blog. For some reason the format was changed so although my previous posts and the blog in general looks the same I have to use an entirely different format to make new posts which caused me much distress for the first few minutes. I titled this post […]

Now I’ve Done It

Well I had to go back so I could prove to everyone that my site wasn’t all talk and no walk so I trekked my sweet arse out to my site but I took the quicker route this time, heading east on main street and going through the back of the Staple’s Plaza. My labors […]

Guess Who’s Back

 Well I’ve been gone for just over a month and look what they’ve done. They’ve already got the foundation of a whole new building done. I assume they won’t quit now. They must’ve been working all winter. I saw tracks while they were here before but this won’t make my work any easier but then […]

Winter Baby!

IMG_2828.TRIM (1) IMG_2828.TRIM I don’t know which one is first and which isn’t. The second starts with me making a comment about multiple homeless people living there. This is a quick video of my adventure. The important second half is coming when I can figure out how to post it on this blasted blog but I’m […]

Back In Town

my google map of my spot. And here’s a hot pic of the cliffs: Howdy party people. We’re back together for another round of phenology fun. I went to the forest in my backyard and specifically went to the cliff inside where I’d spent much time. The spot meant quite a bit to me because […]