I Got Dem Pics

It was a day or two after the last prompt was due that I got the pictures from Colombia but I didn’t feel like putting them up so it was put off until now. But hey, now you can see them.

The park holds 1.761 hectares of land that makes up part of the 8.229 hectares of protected forest zone.
The climate stays around 15 degrees Celsius and has typical conditions for a humid tropical mountain environment(lower humid mountain forest)
Finally the good stuff! When I walked a bit deeper into the woods along a path, I came to this spot and decided to observe the canopy to my side.
It might not be too big but this little critter on this tiny twig was pretty cool.
This was a cool find because me and the girls I was with were and wondering why the leaf was shaped this way and what service it provided. We also found that the shape was the same on the underside of the leaf.

Hope you liked my photos, it was definitely a fun adventure.

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