Additional Information

Questionnaire Options

As a participant in JumpStart, we will ask you to complete some questionnaires over the course of the study. We expect the questionnaire to take up to 30 minutes to complete. You have two options for completing the questionnaire

  1. On the computer, through a link that we send to your email
  2. Using pen and paper. With this option we will mail the survey to you and we will provide a postage-paid mailer to return it back to use after completing.

Physical Activity Measurement

For this study, we are using a device called “ActivPal” to collect data on time spent moving and sitting. We provide a special adhesive dressing for attaching the device to your thigh. Participants in the study will wear the device for 7 days. We are happy to answer questions about how the device works and the experience of wearing the ActivPal.

Here is a picture of the device and how it is worn: