UDL and Expert Learners

What makes an expert learner? I watched the video with UDL co-founder, Dr. David Rose and other UDL advocates discussing expert learners.

(Found here on YouTube.)

He talked about several points that struck me about my own learning and my children’s learning.

First Dr. Rose spoke about expert learners being very goal directed. They have an idea of what they would like to learn and they find the information to help them along. They don’t stop until they are satisfied that met the requirements for learning that particular goal. Once they achieve one goal, they set about making another goal. Expert learners are always learning!

The piktochart on the left was found here. By Stephanie Craig. I would love to make one as part of this course. (I think that will be my goal)

Second, the idea of knowledgeable learners was discussed. Dr. Rose said that expert learners not only know a lot of information about a variety of topics, but they also know where to look up information to supplement that knowledge when necessary. They are resourceful, knowledgable learners!

Third, expert learners have a drive to continue to learn. They are purposeful in their attempts to acquire knowledge and motivated to learn. Expert learners enjoy learning new information and skills. Dr. Rose says that even when an expert learner fails at a task, they keep on going to try to master it. Expert learners are self-regulated and realize that if they keep working at something it will eventually happen for them. They don’t give up!

Dr. Liz Berquist describes an expert learner as someone who had fun when they learn! They want to learn and they are happy to be in a setting where they can learn something new.

In my observations of myself and my children, I notice these traits of an expert learner. Of course we are always working on building these skills and my children are 16 and 12, so they are still building a lot of these skills every day. Most recently, my son is learning to drive and really enjoys working on this skill. At first I was nervous going out with him, but he really listens to my suggestions and works on the skills I suggest. I am enjoying watching his learning process!


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