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Comments on the way to school

I am not sure how but JNP continues to say something that surprises me each day. Even though I know that he is an amazing person, the things that come out of his mouth still surprise me. This morning on the way to school he said, “I wanna show simba and nala to grandma tomorrow.” I didn’t want to say, well grandma won’t be here for a month and a half so hold that thought. So I just said, that would be nice. It was such a sweet thought. He also wanted to see Becca at work today. Not sure why that happened to come to him but it did…
More later.

Up Close with Mister Kitty

Lil Kitty

Mister Kitty Comes to the Parkers

Last week on Tuesday, voting day, we got a wonderful new edition to the family. Mister Kitty is about six weeks old. He was born on Sept 22. He is so small and cute. JNP is having a great time making a new friend. He just loves to play with him and carry him around. Not sure if Mister Kitty likes it quite as much. Tonight JNP wanted to read a story to Mister Kitty. It was so cute. He carried Kitty to the books found one and brought it to me. We started to read the story and JNP held on to kitty. He stayed with JNP for a few minutes but couldn’t tolerate it for too long. 🙂
More later.

J’s new love….

I read this months edition of Parenting Magazine and saw the best toys for the season. One toy that caught my eye was a new teddy bear. I saw this teddy bear at costco when JNP and I went shopping the other day. It was a good price and I showed it to him. He didn’t seem too interested, of course a truck with sounds was keeping his attention at the moment. So I put it back on the shelf and continued on. Half way home in the car, out of nowhere, he says, “I want that bear!”
“What?” “Which bear?” I said. He said, “The one at Costco.”
For some reason I started to tear up. Not sure if it was the fact that he wanted the same toy I wanted….YIPPEE! Or the fact that all of a sudden he is able to really verbalize his desires even after a period of time had passed. Needless to say I was taken back by all this and told CJP when I got home.
CJP went back to the store after J was in bed and got the Brown Bear. I was so excited I opened it right away to put in the batteries. When JNP awoke the next morning, we gave it to him. He was very happy. He took in in the car on the way to school and back.
This morning he said, I LOVE THIS BEAR! Can you believe it? Those are the words that came out of his mouth. I guess my goal of getting a toy for his nurturing side was a success. Take a look at the toy here. Toy Bear I will keep you posted on the love affair.

jnp running on church street

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picture from the fountain

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Church Street on Friday

What a wonderful day I had on Friday. I was able to spend the whole day with my little boy and take a nap in the afternoon. My hubby brought home some yummy food for dinner and we had some nice family time. I am so blessed for the family I have. JNP and I went to Church Street on Friday morning for pancakes at mirabelles “yum yum”! We met a nice little girl and her mom. She asked JNP for a play date. They were very cute together. Then we went to Fremeaus to get my rings cleaned and picked up some earrings at the D. Circle.Of course we had to visit the fountain on Church Street! We saw men putting up the Christmas Lights on the Trees on Church Street. We also saw a man laying bricks.We even ate a cupcake on a bench out in the sun. We bought a book called Bob the Builders Birthday that JNP has had one of us read to him at least six times a day! I smile whenever I think of Friday. 🙂 *hbp*

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