Blogging article about Vermont Academic Bloggers

Some people you might be familiar with, including yours truly, are quoted in this article, Virtually Academic, about blogging in Vermont universities and high schools. This article was written by Susan Youngwood, who also took the time to attend our Blogging Colleague Tea at the UVM Center for Teaching and Learning. I co-faciliated the tea with Richard Parent, from the UVM English Department. I think one major advantage to teaching and research in the age of blogging is the access to RSS feeds from other blogs and news sites. You can subscribe to these with aggregators like Google Reader and Bloglines on the web. Or use a stand alone piece of software like NETNEWSWIRE. My personal favorite is Google Reader because it merges with the iGoogle interface of google mail, news, and anything else you chose to put there.
I decided to highlight a few academic blogs here from UVM:, Paul Martin, Richard Parent, Matsumi Corson, Kazuko Suzuki
Please post a comment if you have a favorite that I missed!

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