Up Close with Mister Kitty

Lil Kitty

Mister Kitty Comes to the Parkers

Last week on Tuesday, voting day, we got a wonderful new edition to the family. Mister Kitty is about six weeks old. He was born on Sept 22. He is so small and cute. JNP is having a great time making a new friend. He just loves to play with him and carry him around. Not sure if Mister Kitty likes it quite as much. Tonight JNP wanted to read a story to Mister Kitty. It was so cute. He carried Kitty to the books found one and brought it to me. We started to read the story and JNP held on to kitty. He stayed with JNP for a few minutes but couldn’t tolerate it for too long. 🙂
More later.

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