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Note: I’ve changed this post title from “Glossary” to “Scrapbook.” Since we didn’t get to the online posting of glossary items in our Jan. 22 class, we can keep this page for posting miscellaneous items that don’t fit into weekly themes or that come well after those theme discussions have occurred. If they’re more appropriate elsewhere (such as links that can be added to our “Links” list on the right), I will add them there later.

The original post read as follows:

This post begins a process of building up a glossary of key terms for the course. For now, these will be developed in the comments section, with initial entries added by the in-class break-out groups responsible for them. Later we may transfer the glossary to another form (such as a wiki); or we might just decide there are better glossaries (or encyclopedia articles, etc.) online and we will link to them.

Individual entries can take the form of:

Term: One- or two-paragraph summary (including rival perspectives, if significant).


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