Using the 4 Year Plan for Career Success: A Student Perspective

Sample 4 Year Plan
Coming into college my first year, I didn’t know what to expect. It was my first time on my own: holding myself accountable and trying to survive all of the exams.

You may not have known what was expected of you either! How do you pick your major? What resources are available to research jobs and internships? When should you get an internship? How do you prepare for life after college?

That’s where the 4 Year Plan for Career Success (4YP) comes to the rescue.

Personally, I used the 4YP to lay everything out checklist-style. The left side of the page provides suggestions and helps me identify the next steps to reach my academic and career goals.

As a junior, I am in full prep-mode to find an internship for the summer. The 4YP helped me to see what I need to work on – like getting that LinkedIn profile together!

Acting on the plan has showed me how important it is to stay focused and organized to achieve a goal. Preparation is key and you can’t skip on any of the steps; check all of the bases: go over the CATS report to see that all of your academic requirements are out of the way, make sure your resume and cover letter are professional and error-clear, and make time to network!

I only wish I would have started using the 4YP right from the beginning of my academic career and filled it out every year as I progressed through college. It would have saved me a lot of time and questions since everything is laid out for you, right on one sheet of paper.

Good luck with you own 4 Year Plan for Career Success!

~Jen Whitman, ‘16
Major: Public Communication

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