Living with Intention

Sun rising over green field through a blue sky and clouds

Welcome to a new year, a new semester, a new day!

Let it be a great one as you lead your own life with intention.

Life does not begin when you graduate, when you grow up, when another day arrives. It is now, each moment. Poet Mary Oliver asks how “Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? There is both making the plan and the setting the intention that can help you on your way forward to the life you want to live.

Here are a few ideas as this year takes flight:

  • Focus: Find a word, image, poem, song or phrase that speaks to you about the quality of the life you want to live. Start your week or your day with it.
  • Support: Seek support/lend support. Especially when the going gets rough, we can get by with a little help from our friends. Share with one other person your intention, and check in with them regularly.
  • Inspiration: pump up your day with some motivation. Here are some links to get you jazzed.
  • Work on Purpose
  • OnBeing
  • Embrace the Near Win

What inspires you?

May this year & this semester be fruitful and help move you forward.


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