Applying to Grad School? Here are a few tips to keep you organized!

Deadline circled on calendar

Applying to various programs and figuring out the specific details and steps to each application can seem like a daunting task. Here are few tips to make your application process a little smoother:

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Introducing the New 4 Year Plan for Career Success – Turbo Edition

TurboTax Check


Have you ever filed taxes without TurboTax? Neither have I. However, I do remember my parents filing taxes in the dark ages BT (Before TurboTax). I recall endless sheets of paper, boxes of records, and frustration overflowing the kitchen table.

In similar ways, the new 4 Year Plan for Career Success has transitioned from a bulky, but overall highly positive and important document, to the TurboTax of career development. This new Career Success Plan is easy to use, comes with a user-friendly interface, and will help you create a fulfilling and successful time at UVM. Additionally, the new, easy to use 4 Year Plan, like TurboTax, may help you find extra cash after you utilize it. Continue reading

New School Year, New Career Center, New You

New Career Center office in Davis 204.

It’s a brand new school year!  We’re excited to welcome you back to campus and help you make the most of this year.

Wondering how the Career Center can help you? Whether you know what you want to do with your life and just need the steps to get there, or aren’t quite sure what you want to major in, let alone do for a career, we’re here to help. People often identify a possible career path–consultant, physician assistant, teacher, engineer, marketing associate, manager–using information gleaned from media, friends, family, or classes.  But what does it look like to do that work day-to-day?  And how do you get there? Continue reading

Working Your Plan

Students kayaking in Lake Champlain

Dreading those summer “What are you going to do with your life?” conversations with relatives and friends?  Here’s your answer: “I’ve got a plan and I’m working it!”

The 4 Year Plan for Career Success is just that—a well-defined road map of action steps for your four years at UVM to help you engage in experiences to explore your interests and build the skills to be successful in your chosen work.

It’s a self-managed plan, so you can move at your own pace and check off the steps along the way. There are even samples for students in various majors. Continue reading