Introducing the New 4 Year Plan for Career Success – Turbo Edition

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Have you ever filed taxes without TurboTax? Neither have I. However, I do remember my parents filing taxes in the dark ages BT (Before TurboTax). I recall endless sheets of paper, boxes of records, and frustration overflowing the kitchen table.

In similar ways, the new 4 Year Plan for Career Success has transitioned from a bulky, but overall highly positive and important document, to the TurboTax of career development. This new Career Success Plan is easy to use, comes with a user-friendly interface, and will help you create a fulfilling and successful time at UVM. Additionally, the new, easy to use 4 Year Plan, like TurboTax, may help you find extra cash after you utilize it.

That’s right, I said you might find some extra cash in the form of competitive pay if you complete the 4 Year Plan. Now, like any good advisor, I have to say there’s no guarantee that you’ll make more money just because you thoroughly complete the 4 Year Pan or use TurboTax. However, if you do complete the Career Success Plan then you will be on your way to becoming a well-rounded professional who:

  • Has hands-on-experience
  • Reflects on personal values and priorities
  • Engages critically in the world around them
  • Views problems through a complex and multifaceted lens
  • Knows what they contribute to the job force

All in all, what you need to know is that the 4 Year Plan is now super user-friendly. Use this free resource to increase your self-awareness, gain skills, explore careers, and choose experiences and activities that help you to meet your goals.

Jenna Matsumura

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