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3 Important Pointers for Success from Vermont Start-Up Localvore Today

We at Localvore Today use the internet and e-commerce to highlight the goods and services of local businesses. We are digital marketers using technology and visual imagery. In everything we do, the skill set we value most is the ability to convey the stories of the merchants we work with in ways that appeal to our audience. In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, we hold everything to a specific brand that we are building each day.How might the work we do apply to you and your job search? Here are three important points to remember:

  1. Know your audience. Whether you are marketing a product, a service, or yourself, it’s vital to get to know the audience. So before you send your resume to any potential employers its important to do your research and get to know them and see if your values align. Many companies, including ours, look for that cultural alignment in addition to aligned skill sets.
  2. Tell your story. Cover letters and resumes are very important in expressing your values and skills how they correspond to your potential employer, getting the story across that you are a qualified candidate. To stand out and put yourself above the crowd, use a personalized approach. Recruiters read a lot of cover letters and resumes; talking about how your unique experiences connect with their needs can get your materials to the top of the pile. Often what gets us to take the time to meet with a new candidate is a well-written story that says it will be worth the time.
  3. Be consistent. As mentioned, “we hold everything to a specific brand that we are building each day.” Our audience understands what we stand for and who we are because our blog, our offerings and our communications reinforce our mission of supporting local business and community engagement. As you find the core of your story – be sure that your resume, cover letter, on-line presence and other communications (including your interview answers!) support and reinforce the brand you are building.

Good luck and happy job hunting!

Michael Nedell
Co-Founder and Director of Product

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