Internship of the Month: Vermont Public Radio


Intern: Cody Searles, ’11
Major: English
Internship Title: Classical Music Intern
Company: Vermont Public Radio
Current Postion: A&R Coordinator, Putamayo World Music

Briefly tell us about the organization you were with: Vermont Public Radio is Vermont’s source for independent non-biased news, information, music and cultural exploration. Specifically, VPR Classical presents classical music with interesting historical background and hosts live performances of local musicians.

What did you like best about this internship? What was most challenging? The people. I was able to get a lot of guidance and experience through their instruction and patience. The most challenging part was to be self-sufficient and accurate. Especially working inside a massive database, I had to be thorough as well as productive. Being able to answer my own questions through critical analysis of previous work and entries was a key skill in order to be successful at my internship.

How did you gain credit for this internship? Through EDSS 239! It rocks! During my final semester at school, I had a serious revelation while sitting in the first week’s classes of an elective–it was senseless to take a class I didn’t care for rather than intern at a place which could extend beyond graduation. In retrospect this was a life-changing decision as I am now employed right out of school partially because of my decision to stay involved in internships in the music industry rather than take a “filler” class.

What impact did this internship have on your career direction? It had a massive impact. I transitioned from VPR to interning at Putumayo World Music at the end of the school year and into the summer and then was hired as A&R Coordinator. The work I did at VPR and the people there greatly influenced my abilities to fill this position. Basically, I could not be where I am now without my previous internship experience.

What advice do you have for students searching for internships? Aim high and apply, even if you think you can’t get the internship. You never know until someone tells you no. Once you get one, work hard! It’s worth it. And get credit! It is awesome to be able to lighten the class load and get real-life experience simultaneously.

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