Internship of the Month: Draftfcb

Intern: Sam Patterson Class Year: 2013 Major: Public Communication Employer: Draftfcb Internship Title: Account Management Intern Website: Describe the company and your internship responsibilities: Draftfcb is a global advertising agency. They offer positions in every aspect of advertising/marketing from account management to creative direction. I interned on the account management side. My primary responsibilities […]

Internship of the Month: ECHO Lakeside Aquarium and Science Center

Intern: Kyle Pestlin Class Year: 2012 Major: Biology Employer: ECHO Lakeside Aquarium and Science Center Internship Title: Animal Care Intern Website: LinkedIn Profile: Briefly tell us about the organization you were with: ECHO is an aquarium and science center located on the Burlington Waterfront. Their goal is to provide a fun and interactive […]

Internship of the Month: Federal Public Defenders Office

Intern: Chris Minott Class Year: 2012 Major: Economics Employer: Federal Public Defenders Office Position: Investigator Assistant LinkedIn Profile: How would you describe the various projects you did in for your organization someone who is unfamiliar with your field? As an Investigative Assistant at the Federal Public Defender’s Office, my role was to help investigate […]

Internship of the Month: Travellers Worldwide

Intern: Caroline Graff Class Year: 2013 Major: Psychology Internship Title: Volunteer at Wildlife Park/Teacher’s assistant to Refugee children learning English Company: Travellers Worldwide Website: Briefly tell us about the organization you were with: Travellers Worldwide is an organization that sends volunteers around the world to work in a variety of different projects. During the […]

Internship of the Month: Simon and Schuster

Intern: Beryl Frishtick Class Year: 2013 Major: English Internship Title: Editorial Intern (at the Atria and Emily Bestler Books imprints) Company: Simon & Schuster Website: Briefly tell us about the organization you were with:  Simon & Schuster is a world-renowned publishing company with offices in NYC, London, Australia, and India.  I worked in the […]

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