Savvy Seniors: Assess and Priortize

Autumn Road

Imagine yourself, nine months from now: cap on your head, diploma in your hand and ready to transition away from UVM and towards your future.  If the picture is a little fuzzy after the cap and gown part, you’re not alone.   We’re here to help you think about what’s next and how to get there, each step of the way.  Follow the Savvy Seniors Blog Series this year to inspire and motivate you to prepare for life after UVM.

To get started, the first thing to do is Assess and Prioritize. Before you dive in to gaining more great experience this year, or researching careers, or even honing your resume, step back and think for a moment about all you have already done.  Which activities, classes, or part-time jobs have you particularly enjoyed? What have you leaned about yourself here at UVM? What do you really care about? What are you good at?  Reflecting on your previous experiences will help you make good decisions about your post graduation goals and how to spend your final year of college.

Imagine where you want to be next summer, and use this year to make small, steady steps towards that goal. To get started, check out this article from Quintessential Careers:   So You’ve Graduated College….What’s Next for You?

We’re here to help! Come to Careers and Coffee to pick up your Senior Packet and Plan, including the Senior Checklist, and chat with a career counselor about your unique situation. Careers and Coffee: Wednesday, Sept 21, 3-5pm.   See you there!


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