Putting the pieces back together after disaster – the first hours and days

In light of the devastating damage from Tropical Storm Irene over the weekend we are posting these tips for those affected… [Adapted with permission from Phyllis Onstad, University of Minnesota Extension] A natural disaster can strike anywhere at any time, leaving in its wake damage and destruction that affects the financial well-being of survivors. You […]

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How Resilient is Your Community?

In recent weeks many of our communities have been tested by flooding and other weather-related challenges. Meanwhile the economic news indicates that federal and state spending will continue to diminish. Of course these events will impact our communities. However, history proves that some communities emerge from these challenges stronger while others struggle unsuccessfully. How resilient […]

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What is building capacity?

Organizations have personalities just like the people that populate them. Some organizations are immature, some are older and wiser. Some are single-minded (like preserving a particular tract of land) and some are focused broadly over a wide range of topics (like climate change). Some are formal, with Boards and Bylaws and subcommittees, while others are […]

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