Leading Groups Can Be Easy!

Have you ever been in a group and then were asked to lead it – and product results?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to lead successful groups? People get frustrated and discouraged when groups aren’t effective.  And more and more, people are asked to team up to get things done on the job, in their towns, for schools and in their communities.  It makes a big difference when you know how to work with a group and lead meetings to get great results.  But this isn’t always easy.

Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills (SYFS), Level 1, is a five-part Training Series designed to help local citizens learn how to get work done more effectively and efficiently in group meetings.  The UVM Extension is offering the Training Series simultaneously in five locations beginning Tuesday March 12, 2013.  Pre-registration by March 1st is necessary for the workshop curriculum to be designed to meet the needs of the group.  Early bird registration deadline is February 15th.  Each session will begin at 12:30pm and conclude no later than 4:30pm.

SYFS will help you learn and practice facilitation skills in an experiential setting.  You’ll also get a chance to observe facilitation challenges and receive feedback in a safe environment. To maximize the group’s learning experience, commitment to all sessions is highly encouraged.  The cost to participate in SYFS is $100. (early bird registration is $75.00), which includes a resource notebook and a couple of resource texts.  Workshop size is limited, so register early.

For more information, visit our website for brochure and online registration.  Checks are made payable to UVM Extension and should be mailed to Lisa McCrae at UVM Extension; 374 Emerson Falls Rd., Suite 1; St. Johnsbury, VT 05819.


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