Looking at Organizational Change

Change is ever present and ever accelerating. It is both a journey and a destination. We would hope that we could reach our destination of successful change by simply selecting the right road clearly marked, an arrow pointing us in the right  direction. However, organizational change is more complicated and requires a thoughtful and insightful […]

Leading Groups Can Be Easy!

Have you ever been in a group and then were asked to lead it – and product results?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to lead successful groups? People get frustrated and discouraged when groups aren’t effective.  And more and more, people are asked to team up to get things done on the job, […]

Leading Change

I’m often reminded that leading change is not for the faint at heart. Having a plan for change is a good start. Spend some time identifying the potential ramifications that may result.  Open your mind to thinking across the organization and about how others may view the proposed change.  Anticipate the unexpected and prepare yourself […]

Ethical Leadership

What is ethical leadership?  What does it mean day-to-day in a nonprofit organization? All organizations, nonprofits, for-profits and governmental can face ethical challenges.  Some result in criminal violations.  The news is full of stories ranging from a large corporations misappropriation of retirement assets to a town clerk who has embezzled tax payments.  Most ethical problems, […]

Team Excellence

Teams are organizational groups made up of individuals who function interdependently, coordinating activities to accomplish common goals.  Does your organization use work teams, like project management teams, task forces, work units, or standing committees, to accomplish goals?  If yes, read on and join a conversation. Just what makes an excellent team?  What do excellent teams have […]