The Value of Asset-Based Thinking

The person that thinks they can do something and the person that thinks they cannot do it are both right. I heard that bit of wisdom at a training many years ago and it has stuck with me as one the most true things I have ever learned.  I think it is time to pull […]

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Document losses, expenses as first step in financial recovery after a disaster

Disaster survivors can begin to address the financial issues that accompany disaster soon after securing safe shelter. Documentation is key to recovery. “You may think you will remember important conversations and details, but chances are you won’t be able to remember all of them” says Mary Peabody, a community development educator with University of Vermont […]

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Putting the pieces back together after disaster – the first hours and days

In light of the devastating damage from Tropical Storm Irene over the weekend we are posting these tips for those affected… [Adapted with permission from Phyllis Onstad, University of Minnesota Extension] A natural disaster can strike anywhere at any time, leaving in its wake damage and destruction that affects the financial well-being of survivors. You […]

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