Conflict Management

The aim of an argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. – Joseph Joubert Conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “From conflict arises progress.” I’m not sure who said that and I couldn’t find the quote on the internet. But I can’t take the credit. That conflict can have positive impacts is […]


Is there a Pro Volunteer Culture in your organization?

I recently attended the National Extension Conference on Volunteerism.  Martin J. Cowling delivered the keynote address, “Creating a Pro-Volunteer Culture.”  He is a leading consultant on not for profit and volunteer management.  Currently the CEO of People First – Total Solutions, Martin works regularly with individuals and organizations internationally on areas connected with not for […]

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What is building capacity?

Organizations have personalities just like the people that populate them. Some organizations are immature, some are older and wiser. Some are single-minded (like preserving a particular tract of land) and some are focused broadly over a wide range of topics (like climate change). Some are formal, with Boards and Bylaws and subcommittees, while others are […]

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