On the path to civility

I have been troubled for some time now about the number of instances I’ve observed of adults, in leadership positions, behaving in ways that seem unacceptable. These events raise in my mind a question of when and where we lost our way when it comes to common-sense civility. My first lessons in civility came from my […]

Surviving Change

Someone (I suspect an observant mother) once said that the only being that truly likes change is a baby with a wet diaper.  That may be true but change is also inevitable so learning to anticipate, and cope, may be one of the hallmarks of a successful group. While we never know for certain what […]

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Getting Heard Requires Skill and Practice

Like most natural introverts, I really hate speaking in a group settings. So much so that, for years, I let my reluctance keep me from participating in important conversations, voicing good ideas and asking some important questions. Then I decided that my ideas and contributions were as good as a lot of the stuff I […]

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Conflict Management

The aim of an argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress. – Joseph Joubert Conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “From conflict arises progress.” I’m not sure who said that and I couldn’t find the quote on the internet. But I can’t take the credit. That conflict can have positive impacts is […]