Shekhovtsov: On Putin & fascism

4 03 2014

In his article “Is Putin a new Hitler (in the making)?“, political scientist and far right watcher Anton Shekhovtsov outlines the many connections between Vladimir Putin’s Eurasianist ideologues and the European far right.

Here is the case for considering Putinism a new form of fascism.

It may be one-sided, but it should be read alongside the defenses of Putin promoted by Stephen Cohen and others in the western left. It also demonstrates how the uses of the term “fascism” in this Ukraine debate need more analysis.

Shekhovtsov: reply to “right-wing” claims

3 02 2014

From Anton Shekhovtsov, researcher of far-right movements in Ukraine and other European countries:

“Every single mass political mobilisation in Ukraine has been accompanied by the attempts to compromise the popular uprisings by associating them with the extreme right. And not only uprisings or protests, but big events too.

“The current campaign to defame the Euromaidan protests is so far the strongest attack on the Ukrainian civil society and democratic politics. [. . .]

“All the above-mentioned people and groups form – apparently a small – part of the wide network which is aimed at promoting anti-Western, pro-Russian and pro-Eurasianist ideas in the EU and the US and Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

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