Bojcun: Peering through the fog of war

29 08 2014

in “Peering Through the Fog of War,” Observer Ukraine’s Marco Bojcun provides another solid analysis of the current situation of unannounced war between Russia and Ukraine.

An excerpt:

“If on the one side we heard the apologists of the Kremlin insisting all this is just a Ukrainian civil war without Russian state intervention, from the other side we have had yet another kind of illusory and hopeful thinking: that the Ukrainian government can win the war in the east militarily, that with just a little more firepower the separatists can be defeated. And Russia would have to accept that fact and back off. The illusion in this line of thinking is twofold: first, that for Russia the goals of the war are limited to the subordination of Ukraine; and second, that the outcome of this war will be decided by the balance of brute force on the front.”

The entire article is worth reading.



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29 08 2014

I am of the opinion that this war can be won on either of these 3 fronts:
-Militarily;If Europe and the USA can have an all out war against Russia, Putin stands no chance.Russia’s fire power is highly overrated.
-Economic Sanctions; If European nations are willing to have their economies disrupted temporarily, they can enforce more sanctions and Russia will give in.Russia’s economy is very unstable.
-Dialogue; this is the best alternative for all parties involved.Everyone comes out a winner while avoiding loss of life and destruction of property.

2 09 2014
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2 09 2014
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24 09 2014

EU and USA will NEVER go to open war with Russia because of tiny countries like Ukraine or Georgia. US goal is and always was to keep a few small wars or conflicts going to feed their military industry. Nothing more.
Russia has enough military power to scare EU enough so they will not interfere.
Russian economy is actually pretty stable and the majority of the population didn’t notice any goods shortages or drastic prices hikes.
Ukrain was always a subject of occupation by different forces during the last millennium. The problem is that a big chunk of their territory historically was a part of Russian empire and the majority of the population is Russian.
Ukrain just needs to let these territories go and there will be no conflict and loss of life.
I have close relatives on both sides and it is very disturbing to see people like you entertaining the the possibility of war as a solution to this problem.

8 12 2014
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19 08 2018

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