Conservatives, greens, & Russia

30 07 2014

It appears that conservative groups — including the self-proclaimed media “watchdog” Accuracy in Media (AIM) — are now using Russia to try to discredit western environmentalist’ opposition to fracked natural gas and shale oil production.

See AIM director Cliff Kincaid’s article “Moscow Mobilizes its American Agents.”


(On other AIM activities, see here and here.)

This, to my mind, provides all the more reason for western greens and climate activists to collaborate with their peers around the world — including in Russia, which is the world’s leading natural gas producer and exporter, and also has the largest shale oil reserves in Eurasia.

The strategy of some western leftists to oppose U.S. influence in Ukraine, while condoning Russia’s, only serves to marginalize pro-democracy and environmentalist groups in both Ukraine and Russia.

As German Greens and others have long argued, democracy and ecology (and nonviolence and internationalism) go hand in hand. Where one is severed from another, they are weakened.



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