Crimethinc: Revolution & reaction togetherw

In “The Ukrainian Revolution and the Future of Social Movements,” U.S.-based collective¬†Crimethinc¬†provides a relatively nuanced anarchist perspective on the Ukrainian revolution.

They write:

“In each of the previous examples [Ukraine and Venezuela], initial police repression caused a single-issue protest to metastasize into a generalized uprising, transforming a square in the heart of the capital into a fiercely defended urban autonomous zone. This seemed to offer a new political model, in which people cohere around tactics rather than parties or ideologies.

[. . .]

“If we understand the Ukrainian revolution as part of the same wave of protest that overthrew several governments in North Africa, the tremendous impact of this phenomenon on global politics becomes clear. It is no trivial matter to bring Russia to the brink of war with a nation of 45 million.”

Read the entire article here.





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