Ilya Varlamov is a Russian blogger who has been amassing a wonderful archive of perceptively captioned photographs from the Ukrainian revolution.

See his primer on the revolution in Kyiv here. A more analytical piece, in Russian, appears here. The gist of it is a debunking of 3 myths:

  1. that Kyiv is burning: it’s not, only a little corner of it – a stretch of Hrushevskoho Street – is smoking more than burning;
  2. that it’s not a revolution or anything of the sort: it is;after 2 months on the streets and the constitution-violating passage of egregiously authoritarian laws, people are fed up & want a change of government at worst, a change of system at best;
  3. that life in Kyiv has been paralyzed: it hasn’t; stores, cafes, etc. are open & everyday life goes on.

Keeping those things in mind, the pictures are stunning.

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