Gongadze: “The last convulsions”

From Myroslava Gongadze, journalist and political activist, wife of the murdered journalist Georgiy Gongadze:

“Yanukovych is blowing up [zduvayet’sia] and proposing anything just to stay in power.

“They talked and each of them stuck to their positions. The opposition revealed that they won’t back away from anything position until the full satisfaction of their demands: repealment of the dictatorial [Jan. 16] laws; return to the Constitution of 2004; announcement of new elections; and release of all political prisoners. The barricades will be maintained and strengthened, all of the captured state administration buildings will be kept, and local organs of self-government will continue to be formed [as has happened in several state capitals already].

“I think the next couple of days will be decisive. The government will try to go on the offensive, but these are the last convulsions.

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