Kurkov, Riabchuk, Marynovych

Andrey Kurkov, Russophone Ukrainian author of Death and the Penguin and 17 other books (translated into a total of 25 languages), author and political scholar Mykola Riabchuk, and human rights activist Myroslav Marynovych, writing on behalf of the Ukrainian branch of PEN International:

“[The Ukrainian government has] crossed the red line that separates semi-authoritarian regimes from genuine dictatorships.

“They persistently tighten the screws, encourage lawlessness and provoke more confrontation and violence. They remain deaf to all moderate voices and calls for peace. They seem to understand only the language of force […]

“We call on our international colleagues not only to express their support for Ukrainian writers and journalists and their solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We call on you to mobilise your democratic societies and increase pressure on your governments to take a tougher stance against a regime that is leading its country to further violence and bloodshed.

“We call for sanctions against a regime that is violating human rights, including the most fundamental ones: the right to life and the right to freedom.”

The full statement can be read at Eurozine. An article focusing on Kurkov can be read at The Guardian.


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