So Long, Class of 2017

This is it, Class of 2017, the final post of your afterword journey.

I know it seems a bit crazy to think about how an entire year has passed since your graduation.

We’re honored to have been on this journey with you for the past year, and we hope that by sharing the stories of you and your classmates, we helped you in some small way.

Maybe you got some free stuff, maybe you felt like you weren’t the only one feeling a little lost, or maybe you feel a bit more connected to your classmates.

Whatever the outcome, it’s been so much fun connecting with you all.

For some feels, we dug out the first Afterword post we sent to you: the audio stories that we collected from many of you at your senior week.

Take a listen, and hear how much you all have grown:

Thank you all so much for sharing your stories with us, and having a little fun along the way.

I know, you’re thinking: Wait, what happens now?

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Through our social, you’ll hear about opportunities to volunteer, as well as events that are happening near you!

Beyond that, we also have a new network for alumni that you should join!

It’s called UVM Connect, and it’s a space for UVM alums to come together for career networking of all kinds – whether it’s coffee, or a job shadow, there’s probably an alum out there who would be willing to share a thing or two with you!

You can also offer to help a fellow alum or a current student – use the life experience you gained this year for good!

Sound like a plan?


-Kathryn and Ryan