Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day Plus the Vermonster

It’s that time of year, Spring has sprung, the rain has settled upon us, and the flowers are starting to sprout. This week we decided to tackle the infamous Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster (a top 100 things to do at UVM before you graduate), in lieu of Free Cone Day on April 10th!

Ben & Jerry’s has celebrated free cone day since 1979 and this year, the tradition continues. This day is celebrated around the world at various Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops in 35+ countries. Wow, now that’s a lot of free ice cream! They will be serving free cones from noon to 8 pm so make sure you stop by your local scoop shop to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this Vermont tradition!

And with that in mind, we thought, why not go even bigger and eat a Vermonster?

Creating it is a work of art in itself, consisting of 20 scoops of any flavor, 4 different toppings, nuts, hot fudge, cookies, brownies, banana, whipped cream and caramel. Want to build some muscle while at work? Just head on over to your local Ben & Jerry’s and become a scoop shop professional and work out those arms!

We opted not to include all of these yummy additions in our Vermonster (bananas in ice cream? – not our thing), but we did choose the classics for the base; Americone Dream, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. The toppings included rainbow sprinkles, m&m’s, peanuts, cookies, brownies, fudge, topped with lots of whipped cream. Pretty breezy right?

Want to see us eat this monstrosity?! Check out the time lapse video we made of us conquering this feat. *hint* we shared this with a few other folks.

P.S. if you haven’t been in the Church Street Ben & Jerry’s recently, they added a VW bus. Vroom Vroom! Until next time!