Checkin’ in with some Cool Catamounts

Hey Gang!

Remember back in June when we shared the audio compilation of all the hopes and fears of the graduating class of 2017? (See the original post here).

We wanted to check back in with a few of them, and see how things are going.

So, we’ve embedded their original answers, and then followed up with their updated responses. Check out how Emma and Rozy are doing!


Emma Oyomba:

So, I have stuck with the plan I gave you and I am currently in living in London doing my masters program in Advertising & PR.

I am starting my third week of classes and love it. I am currently looking for an internship while I am in school.

Moving back to London was what I was most excited about and it has not disappointed me yet!

I am nervous about not being able to get a job here after my visa is over. It is pretty hard for non UK & EU citizens to come and work here, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit.

I miss Burlington and just the student life. I miss having a bunch of friends that live within a block or two of me. I miss campus, especially when we had beautiful weather!


Rozy Isquith:

I’m still working as a scenic painting apprentice at Goodspeed Musicals. I am currently painting Rags–a revised musical dealing with themes of America immigration—and will soon begin painting for A Connecticut Christmas Carol. After December, I am working as the scenic designer for Goldilocks and Sleeping Beauty for the Bridgeport Cabaret Children’s Theatre.

I am excited to continue painting, learning new techniques, and meeting other artists in the world of scenic art and design. Meeting other people who have succeeded in making this niche career work—hearing how they paint at different theaters all across the country, and what unique projects they have worked through– has been a really important, encouraging, and exciting part of post-grad life. I can’t wait to continue.

I am mainly nervous about two things: 1) working as a freelance artist—continuing to coordinate jobs on a weekly basis following this steady apprenticeship 2) making the decision to, or not to enroll in an MFA program.

I definitely miss Burlington as a city—everything from its location between the lake and  mountains, art events (art hop, live music, free dress rehearsals at the Flynn Space), and abundance of good coffee!

Specific to UVM– I miss the theatre department (spending lots of time in the drafting room), taking a wide variety of classes and finding several surprisingly good gen ed lectures, the Cyber Café, and walking through such a beautiful campus every day (especially in the late summer early fall)!