You are invited to a Happy Hour!

2016 happy hourIn July we asked you what kind of events you’d like to attend and the overwhelming majority said: happy hours.

Well, we heard you. The first Class of 2016 Happy Hour is happening on Saturday, September 24 during Alumni Weekend, and we hope you’ll be there. And it’s free!

Date: September 24, 2016
Time: 9:00pm (a little late for a happy hour, but you get the idea)
Location: DRINK (Burlington, VT)
The fun part: If you register (for free), your first two drinks are on us!


Below are three quick tips for getting through the registration form in under a minute:

  1. Select Alumni Weekend and click “let’s get started” that will take you to this page where you’ll select the Class of 2016 package (don’t worry about the word “purchase”, it’s free for you).
    reg 1
  2. Add any friends you plan to bring with you.
    reg 2
  3. Skip to the bottom of the next page and click the “next” button to submit your form.
    reg 3

See you there!