Class of 2016 Survey Results

Before we report out the results of the Class of 2016 Check In Survey, we have sad news to share. As some of you may already know, your classmate Mary Wilk passed away on July 30 from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. You can read her obituary here. Our thoughts are with Mary’s family and friends, and with all of you who knew her. If there’s anything we can do to support you, please let us know. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Class of 2016 Check In Survey. Today, we have the results to share with you.

But first, we should announce our giveaway winners — Rheannon Burris, Tyler Molleur, and Rachel Seigel. Congrats! T-shirts are on their way to you.

1. What are you up to this summer?

A little bit of everything! More than half of the respondents are doing internships, working part-time, or traveling and the other half are working full-time or going to graduate school.

Class of 2016 Check In Survey - this summer

2. What kinds of posts would you like to see on Afterword?

Career advice and alumni profiles are the leading favorites. We’ll make sure to keep those coming and sprinkle in a good mix of My First Year Out, campus updates, and silly stuff as well.

Class of 2016 Check In Survey - kind of posts

3. What kind of event are you likely to attend?

So you like happy hours? Good, so do we. Derrick will keep you informed about when and where happy hours are taking place. And you’ll be the first to know when there’s a big ol’ party planned.

Class of 2016 Check In Survey - events

4. What are you most connected to at UVM?

More than half of you answered that you’re most connected with your UVM friends. Burlington and student clubs and athletics teams were the next most common answers.

Class of 2016 Check In Survey - connected to

Our takeaways

Surveys like this help us tailor content to your class. Knowing what we know now, we’ll keep the Get off the Pile posts coming and mix up the rest of the content around alumni profiles, graduate school, campus updates and other fun stuff. We’ll also work on getting some happy hours on the books and finding ways to keep you connected to your UVM friends, clubs and teams. That said, we try to make sure there’s always something for everyone. So if you are interested in a dinner and want to hear about faculty members, we’ll have posts for you too.