My First Year Out: 2015 Edition

We have a very special edition of My First Year Out for you today. Three of your classmates are working in Admissions at UVM, Aya AL-Namee, Maggie Love and Connor Luong. We had a chance to catch up with Aya and Maggie this week. Here’s what they had to say about spending their first year out at UVM.
MFYO Aya, Connor, MaggieWhat do you find most rewarding about working at UVM immediately after graduating? 

Aya: Being close to staff, faculty, and friends who have helped me develop professional skills has been the most rewarding part of working at UVM. I’m constantly growing and getting feedback from people that know me well which helps me gain confidence in myself as a professional.

Maggie: The most rewarding thing about working at UVM immediately after graduating is being able to advocate for the school to prospective students and their families. It’s easy to talk about how wonderful our community and academics are and how many opportunities there are here, because I experienced it personally.

Has this given you a new perspective on UVM?

Aya: Working at UVM is very different than being a student, especially in admissions. In my job, I travel to different high schools and college fairs to speak about UVM and encourage high school students to apply. Seeing how excited they are about the idea of attending is very unique. It honestly has made me fall in love with UVM even more.

What has surprised you the most about your 1st year out?

Aya: I was surprised as to how ready and excited I am to be in the “real world”. It’s less scary than I thought it would be. Also working at UVM has exposed me to the staff and the professional community of our campus. I must say that they have been very welcoming of me as a young professional.

Maggie: How supportive the UVM community is, regardless of whether you’re a current student or not. I notice it most when I interact with other alums, which we do often in our positions. No matter what year they graduated, they’re always willing to offer support in any way they can. My new favorite thing to share with families is that the community that’s created here at UVM is so strong that it extends beyond Burlington and stays with you after graduation. Whether you need housing, a job, or a friend, chances are there’s a UVM alum willing to help.

What do you like most about staying in the Burlington area after graduation?

Aya: I love being close to areas where I made many great memories as a student. I still go to the waterfront to watch the sunset and get creemees. Having friends in the area who are going through the same transition as me is also a benefit. We often come together to bond over challenges and celebrate successes.

Maggie: This seems like a common theme for me but the sense of the community and everything there is to do on and off campus (concerts, art, lectures, food, etc.). Burlington is such a great place to live and UVM is a wonderful campus, it’s hard to narrow it down!